Akemi Watkins


Phone: 214-680-3341

Location: Arlington, Texas

The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission is to nurture people to be leaders who take personal responsibility for improving this everchanging world. To provide people with the skills and knowledge to believe in their own abilities, achieve high personal goals, and succeed in life.

To live authentically and unapologetic without regret.


Akemi majored in Child Development and served as a foster parent, educator, public speaker, community advocate and business owner. Her visionary perspective, creativity and candidness has allowed her to work and train with some amazing people and companies.

Working with families within her non-profit  organization "SuperStars" allowed the passion to educate and empower our youth and young adults to live a bright and exciting life and have a wonderful future, and have "A LIFE WORTH LIVING". 

Akemi transitioned to a successful  Realtor® at Keller Williams Best Southwest. KWKC (Keller Williams Kids Can) has given the opportunity to continue to use her background in education and hands-on experience on the many perspectives of our high school students and young adults.  

Quantum Leap for High School & Young Adults has the platform for  Akemi to share her desire and passion to work with people finding the best way to help change lives. Her motto is "Our Tomorrow Begins Today".