Sheetal Patel

sewell, New Jersey

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The Mission For My Life Is...

Everyone has a story, a goal they want to achieve, a mission they want to complete, and a mark that they want to leave. These goals and missions differ from person to person.

The mission that I hope to accomplish in my life is to help others to become the best version of themselves and also to guide them to the wonderful possibilities and opportunities that they thought were impossible to achieve. It is very pivotal for the development of our nation to create responsible men and women who can meet the challenges of this world with confidence and share the embrace of compassion with one another. Everyone deserves a chance, not only to live a better life but to become the best version of themselves that they aspire to be. As a mother, businesswoman, and individual human being it is my foremost responsibility to pore knowledge and provide tools to the younger generation to secure the future and well-being of this world.  COVID-19 has done tremendous damage to the world, our children, and ourselves. To make sure that the future is still prosperous we must prepare them to lead the world with righteousness and usher in a new age of flourishing lives. Even if it’s a drop in the ocean we have to start somewhere even if it’s a small change the change is change. I want to pour that drop to build an ocean of leaders, an ocean of successful individuals, and mostly happy and healthy individuals! 


Hello, my name is Sheetal Mihir Patel, an entrepreneur, and a proud mother of four!   I have had lots of enlightening experiences throughout my life. I have spent a lot of my time in the retail industry so I can say I have seen every segment of this field and have gained massive amounts of knowledge as a Businesswoman. I have had various experiences in the retail and investment industry such as owning golf courses, hotels, liquor stores, c-stores and rental properties prior to starting my real estate journey 6 years ago. Since entering into real estate with Keller Williams Realty  I have been able to acquire many other skills, knowledge and most importantly create a life by design!  I have also been serving my community as a board member at my local school district for 6 years. I am quadrilingual and know English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

Life is a hard journey but when you find people and hobbies that have placed themselves in your heart it makes your drive for success even greater, allowing you to open lots of new doors and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. When i am not working i am still working at my kids swim team as a colorado operator or as a meet marshal. My favorite part of the swim meets are the times after the meet when kids discuss their wins and losses and the deep discussion around that. I constantly balance growing my enterprises and my personal life but no one said that success would come easy. Every day I strive to be a better person, mother, leader and overall human being.