Kayla Boundy

Director of Operations

Phone: (407) 284-3182

Location: Orlando, Florida

The Mission For My Life Is...

to break the cycle of my family history by living a life through choice not default.  I will do this by educating other leaders in the community the importance of doing what brings purpose to your mornings, wealth building, and taking action to secure the future through the foundation you lay today.


Whats Up? My name is Kayla and I like blue raspberry jolly ranchers and coffee. Welcome to my TED talk.

“The job of an assistant is far more than fetching coffee – although I’m always happy to fetch coffee, as long as I get one for myself.” 

I've dedicated my growth to becoming a force in the operational side of the real estate industry. As the Executive Administrator and Director of Operations of the ThinkLiveBe Team I am continuously seeking the best for the business, my home life, personal growth and the success of others.

As an Orlando resident since August of 2013, I spend most of my time scootering through the various neighborhoods and communities of the Downtown Orlando area and typically find myself spending most of my leisure time sitting with a good book or podcast in the heart of Downtown Orlando.