Kayla Boundy

Orlando, Florida

Phone: (813) 997-6524

The Mission For My Life Is...

to break the cycle by living a life through choice not default.  I will do this by educating other leaders in the community the importance of doing what brings purpose to your mornings, wealth building, and taking action to secure the future through the foundation you lay today.


Growing up in a military family I had the privilege of moving across country multiple times.  With this privilege I also faced the adversities of grounding my roots and making plans for my immediate future.  "Why should I?  We're just going to move and live somewhere new soon." 

Through the years of being in my administration role in the real estate world, I was introduced to KWKC and new doors appeared. The new doors appearing allowed me to see that there are so many opportunities out there.

I LOVE sharing the value of QL and seeing others thrive in their worlds by utilizing the skills and tools provided through the teachings. I look forward to having those join me on our individual journeys.