Jim Barbour


Phone: 814-833-9500

Location: Wexford, Pennsylvania

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The Mission For My Life Is...

Share my life experiences and my knowledge with as many people as possible to help enable them to live their lives to the fullest and not make the same mistakes I've made to enable them to live out THEIR missions and grow faster. 


Jim Barbour and his family have resided in North East (a suburb of Erie, PA) full time since 2013, when his daughter started Kindergarten and has roots going back to the 40s and being a summer resident his entire life, which includes enjoyable times working at both the Delhurst Inn and Hammermill. Even though he grew up in the Pittsburgh suburb of Monroeville, North East is truly his home and heaven on earth, because it allows him to experience all of his joys such as fishing, hunting, swimming, and skiing.

Upon returning, he immediately became immersed again in the town both in his church and by being an officer and then Master of the Masonic Lodge in 2017, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018. 

He is a real estate agent that brings years of experience having been first licensed in Maryland when he was 21 and was licensed in PA starting in 2003. He has owned, invested in, and rehabbed properties in numerous states as well as both in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown area) and in Erie. He has also started several successful businesses from scratch and after selling his last one decided to return full-time to his first love of real estate.

This personal business experience also serves you in the event you want to sell a business with or without real estate. He can help you get it done. What truly sets him apart from other agents is his experience on all sides of real estate and in business. He has been an agent, client, buyer, seller, and partner as well as being experienced in dealing with traditional and government sponsored loans as well as creative, private, and hard-money loans.

He not only brings that real-world experience, but also the contacts that go along with it. This means that whether you have an easy transaction or a difficult one, you will have someone in your corner that knows how to get deals done where others might not be able to.

Lastly, Jim is one who will actively listen to you to find out where you are and where you want to go with your real estate journey. Whether you are moving up, down, taking equity and retiring, or in trouble and looking for solutions, he will hear your needs and guide your way or simply put you in touch with a professional in another industry. This is further enhanced by being with the #1 real estate company in the U.S. that allows him to draw upon referrals in and out of North East as well as continuous training and support. You can find more information about his business experiences and connect with him on LinkedIn as well.