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The Mission For My Life Is...

As a father of two girls, I want them to have great opportunities and more importantly live a purposeful life. This has evolved into a mission to empower people to tap into their God-given greatness through my teaching, networking, and imparting lessons from my life. 


Do you know any teenagers who could use some help mapping out their plan for adulthood? How would he or she answer the following questions?

Who am I and what is my purpose for life?
How do I make decisions that further that vision?
Who do I need in my life and don't need in my life to make that vision come alive?
How do I handle money so that I am in a position to fund this meaningful life? 

Why am I passionate about teaching this material? In my teens, I was lost and I made some bad decisions that affected outcomes in my twenties and even in my thirties. I'm grateful for the patience my parents had with me during those tough years. It really wasn't until my thirties where I found purpose and meaning in my life, and now in my forties, I'm in a position to help others not fall in the traps I did. Also, as a father of two little girls, I am concerned about the world they are growing up in and don't want them to make some of the mistakes I made.

Kids have it tough growing up in this world. I am excited to impart hard-earned wisdom achieved through overcoming, and to give high school students tools that will help them find their purpose much earlier in life. The opportunity to share Quantum Leap methodologies is such an honor for me! The tools and Quantum Leap mindset provides high school students a leg up and when applied can change the trajectory of what students think is possible. Quantum Leap allows students to change their community and their world. How exciting to be a part of it and watch it happen!

About me: husband, dad, church volunteer, traveler, Dave Ramsey Money Map Coach, Philly sports enthusiast, history buff, Realtor, Business Owner, Board Member, and QL Instructor.