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Location: Orlando, Florida

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to reach as many young adults as I can and let them know that they are enough by teaching, leading, and living QL


...I have always been a bright student, and over achiever. When in grade school I was top of the class, in 3rd Grade I came in 2nd place for the county Math Bee. I tested into a gift and talented middle school in Brooklyn, NY and was able to complete all of my high school math in middle school. At age 13 I dropped out of school due to the poverty and circumstances I was living in. No high school or college for me. I had no vision of the world and always felt lost in my life, but always yearned to help others. My first job was at 12 yrs old in a factory making dolls, and I worked different jobs. At 19 I tested for my G.E.D and passed, at 22 yrs old I was hired by the Post Office until I got fired at 29 years old. I had a couple other jobs until I moved to Florida in 2007. I was hired by Sprint and became a Retention Specialist but I was never happy and felt stuck. One day in 2012 I decided to get my Real Estate license not knowing what I would do with it. I passed my exam Feb 2013. I almost quit my first year I felt lost and dumb until I was introduced to Keller Williams in 2014. KW has changed my life, within the 1st year I learned more than ever, and felt for the first time in life empowered I felt like somebody.  Today I have 7 children 2 of my own, 5 stepchildren and 8 grandchildren. I have always been the leader in my crowd. In 2016 my husband and I opened a trucking company which is still going strong. I wish I had QL growing up, I would've probably taken over the world... If I can help one child see the beauty and bigger picture of the world it would be amazing... QL: A World Changer Mindset, is a grand honor for me to be a part of. So hi !! I am Jackie Millan and this is my story..

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