Tammy Bannon

Sales Representative

Email: tammy@tammybannon.com

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Website: http://www.tammybannon.com

The Mission For My Life Is...


Tammy will take you to victory with her mindset training. She has enabled many grateful realtors to break through their limiting beliefs and move forward to victory not only in their business but in their personal lives as well.  Empathetically but with boundaries Tammy will guide you to your best life. She has a distinctive understanding of real-life challenges that hit people on all levels of the success ladder.  She is an engaging mentor and draws both from her personal life and business experiences. By teaching clients to recognize the history that makes up their stories, she’ll show you how to design a new, dependable approach to success.

 Tammy has great ability to have the difficult conversations with people and guide them to their own self discoveries. She helps clients take charge of their thinking and address their programming in order to step into a life of greater clarity and personal achievement.

Tammy is a member of the faculty teaching IGNITE and also mentors with the POWER UP sessions on a daily basis. Tammy also hosts a Women’s Mastermind group in the community, a place where women can discuss both personal and business topics.


As a graduate of BOLD 4 times, Tammy is often sought after to inspire mindset changes and she is currently looking forward to teaching Quantum Leap for Kids.


Tammy’s true passion is to mentor and bring others to their highest understanding.

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