Rose Davis

team leader

Location: Cerritos, California

The Mission For My Life Is...

To be a legendary leading force as an influencial Leader, mother, and good samaritan. To influence others to be the better version of themselves. To help people find thier inner voice and purpose to help them create a life by design not by default. 


     Wendy Davis has been in real estate for over 17 years, 10 of which she has enjoyed working for various KW franchises in California as a Coach, Mentor, Franchise Launch Specialist, and CEO/Team Leader. Built her career as a single mother of Twin girls who are now 21. Has sold over $100,000,000 in sales as a real estate agent and has ran her own a real estate business that serviced  NBA Athletes and relocating concierge services. She has launched 4 Real estate broker franchises since 2014, San Carlos, West Covina, San Gabriel and San Francisco. Wendy is one of 10 in over 1,000 TL’s who received the opportunity to launch KW franchise offices in Northern & Southern California. Wendy is a recruiting & real estate expert with a proven track record of helping brokers build a stronger growth presence and executing profitable margins. Most recently, she has recruited over 1,500 agents in her career and as her mentor Rick Cunningham describes her “Anything Wendy touches turns into gold!” recently helping him build his SF brokerage to $868,000,000 in sales volume in 2 years. 

She is the Founder and CEO of her own companies, The Wendy Davis Group and R&C Solutions Inc., both independently owned. Before she worked in real estate, Wendy was a part of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers Dance Team and graduated with a BA in Arts and Communication from Cal State Fullerton. She still enjoys an active lifestyle and loves to pick up a dance or soul cycle class in her spare time.  Her greatest accomplishment is being a mother to her two twin daughters, with one being a student & soccer player at UC Berkeley, and the other pursuing her real estate career.

Wendy loves impacting people’s lives and being the leading force to peoples higher potential in business and personal growth.