Lizette Hernandez

Mrs. Lizette Hernandez

Phone: (321) 217-5362

Location: Orlando, Florida

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The Mission For My Life Is...

In the day to day be the catalytic means to better the lives of the people I encounter.


Lizette Hernández is a successful Realtor in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida.  She is a wife of a 9/11 war vet and a mother of six children.  She was born in 1982  in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved from there when she was only seven years old.  Her parents moved to Orlando and started a business, in which her and her brother grew up in, and where she learned most of her entrepreneurial skills and what it means to go above and beyond.  At the age of 13 she was sent to Puerto Rico where she met her high school sweetheart and they married  after high school.  She moved after that to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina while her husband served in the Marine Corps until 2004 and she also finished her Associate’s Degree in Business Education and Marketing. After her husband finished serving in 2004 they moved to Orlando where she began a blinds business while she went to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2006.  After finishing school she decided to become a Mortgage Broker until 2013 where she finished as a Branch Manager, a couple of years after the market slumped.  Also in 2013, she was also a full time volunteer youth minister in which she still feels it was the most rewarding job she had.  Lizette made a decision to become a Realtor that same year as she enjoyed the housing industry until present day.  She joined Keller Williams and discovered Quantum Leap where it was a perfect match her love to help young people and share her life knowledge.  She loves to encounter life and the people that it brings and is always looking forward to to the priceless gift of learning.