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Apria Malita Brown is a woman of extraordinary brilliance and amazing determination. She uses her gifts to impact the business and philanthropic world, one project at a time. Apria is a real estate entrepreneur, and founder of the Tuo-Be Youth Development Foundation Inc. The organization transforms the lives of children through intricate programs and events that work to keep young people alive; both physically and mentally. Apria’s journey to discovering her purpose lead her to pour it right back into countless others, the way co-founder John Mayoue did for her. She learned the value of entrepreneurship and working hard through her parents, but also the even more important lesson of cultivating relationships. Success for her is having relationships that leave people happier and more fulfilled. Here is more of the astonishing story of Apria Brown.

Growing up in Fayetteville, GA, Apria has always been comfortable with abnormal circumstances. Her weight impacted her life in a major way as a young person with struggles from PCOS and an over active thyroid.. Instead of being controlled by her weight, she used it to equip her with the courage to go for anything she wanted. Especially things that others would say were not quite for her. Apria has always thrived in a competitive environment from her early days as a catholic school girl and competitive cheerleader, she welcomes a challenge to support and be apart of change.***

Nothing has stopped Apria from shining, and doing what she loves. In recent years she maintains her passion through start up consulting and life coaching for youth, still allowing her to thrive as an encourager for many young people and business leaders. Apria relates her service to a ministry here for helping others transform. A dedication that has contributed to over 17 years of career success inspired by selfless service.

Nothing about Apria speaks to normal standards or requirements. She has traveled extensively, including solo trips that allowed her to explore Western Europe. She has been skydiving and hot air ballooning, and really enjoys rollerblading. She lives freely to make her own rules, and helps others find the strength to do the same. Apria can recall meeting Oprah at the age of thirteen, while celebrating her birthday at the Ritz Carlton. Oprah told the group of impressionable young ladies to stay in school, and to enjoy the power that reading brings. Apria did not know then that those pieces of simple, but powerful advice would be some of the same things she stresses through her own foundation. She was getting what she needed for her own platform as she entered her teens years.

When it came time to attend college, as a legacy, she eventually decided on Clark Atlanta University as Her parents attended and met at Clark College. She quickly learned that she made the right decision when she found it pretty simple to make connections with others. That was a constant struggle in her earlier years. Following her college years she entered the business world with a resilient determination to exceed. She has since excelled with anything she has decided to do. Her future goals include making her real estate business a seventh level company that can run itself, regardless of her absence. She is also working adamantly on seeing Tuo-Be Youth Development Foundation Inc. become a multi-million dollar annual budget organization that has direct impact on the lives of youth in inner city communities. Apria Brown is made up of unique ideas and powerful visions that have the ability to reshape the world for the better. Apria never stopped believing in her potential. Because of that type of outstanding faith her purpose has only continued to become even more beautiful.