Ladd Gasparovic

Operating Partner, Keller Williams Wilmington; CEO & Team Leader, REACH Properties


Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

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The Mission For My Life Is...

I exist to inspire and develop leaders to prosper in faith, family and business.


Ladd Gasparovic brings tremendous passion and enthusiasm in helping others live big and chase big dreams.  A father of two, and married to the love of his life and business partner Stephanie Gasparovic, Ladd believes that mindset is where everything begins whether you're raising a family, running a business, or competing in sports or in anything you're passionate about.

Ladd is a serial entreprenuer who credits his success to follow the advice, models and sytems of coaches and mentors.  Starting out his professional career as an attorney (first as a prosecutor, then as managing attorney of his own two office law firm), he acheieved a decent level of success with pure "hard work" but felt like there was more that he wanted to do.  In 2009, just before the birth of his daughter, Milena, Ladd made a huge decision that would change the course and trajectory of his life and career.  He sold his law practice and became the CEO & Team Leader of his wife Stephanie's real estate business. Six years later in 2015, Ladd has helped build Team Gasparovic to be one of the premier real estate teams in the region.  

In building a real estate company, Ladd was exposed for the first time to much BIGGER thinking than he had been in the world of practicing law.  Knowing that his background in real estate law was helpful but didn't provide the background he needed to grow the business, Ladd immediately hired a real estate business coach in 2009 when he was hired as CEO of Team Gasparovic. In 2012, Ladd was first exposed to the models and systems used and built by Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams Realty.  "They're models and systems that just work, and they'll work in any business," Ladd says.  "I learned them in the real estate context, but you could literally apply them to any business." Ladd Gasparovic's real estate business began moving to the next level when he and Stephanie partnered with Keller Williams, and Ladd loves giving back and helping others acheive thier goals in business and in life.

Ladd Gasparovic's mission is to inspire and develop leaders to prosper in faith, family and business.  Through leadership, speaking and training, he helps expose the leaders of tomorrow to the success principles early and help them live big lives and lives by design. Ladd is honored to be certified to teach and train QL for Young Adults by  

QL is a natural evolution of the systems and models that have helped grow leaders within the Keller Williams real estate business. "It has nothing to do with real estate, and everything to do with exposing young adults to the science of success.  People have gone before us and left lots of clues.  We have these clues organized and systematized in such a way where we can just say, 'Do this, not this, and you'll acheive whatever you want.'  "

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