Estela Torres

Professional Sales Agent

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

The Mission For My Life Is...


I'm originally from LA and have been in Omaha since 1994. I've been a real estate agent since 2003 and have been honored in working with many families to buy and sell homes. I have a great deal of passion in working with young adults and seeing them discover they are powerful beyond measure. My passion in working with young adults came from working with youth in ministry and working with adolescents in detention centers. I know some of us have been blessed in having great role models that encourage us and guide us to the best of their abilities and some of us need to discover who we are if we didn't have those models in our lives. To share that we are all here with great purpose and that our self discovery is probably the most profound experience and most powerful catalyst in our lives is my #1 goal in life. Keller Williams has been the best move I've ever made, being a member of this awesome arm with KWKC is yet another great life privilege. I welcome all students to come and identify their strengths and share (if they choose) their struggles so we can all grow together.