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Location: Millersville, Maryland


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Austin Carroll is a Baltimore-based real estate agent and investor who is committed to promoting positive community and economic growth in local neighborhoods. While he was in middle and high school, Austin helped his family renovate several homes and ran his own handyman business for clients in his hometown of Ellicott City. During a college internship with NVR Homes, he co-managed both a 35-unit condominium build and the construction of 23 townhomes.

After graduating from the University of Maryland Smith School of Business, Austin bought and renovated his first “house-hack” home in Riverdale, MD and managed the maintenance division for the property management department of The Menkiti Group, a DC-based real estate company. Here, he also managed the single-family home renovation division, oversaw 25+ single family home flips, several multi-unit renovations, and worked closely with the asset manager overseeing the extensive residential and commercial portfolios. In 2017, Austin moved to Baltimore City and founded the Blue Key Team where he works closely with clients interested in buying, selling, or investing in the Greater Baltimore, DC, and Annapolis markets.

Today, Austin personally owns over 50 investment units and is passionate about strengthening communities and teaching others how to generate opportunities for wealth creation through real estate and QL courses. Austin is frequently asked to give presentations to student groups at his alma maters and has helped many young individuals learn and produce wealth through real estate investing. He is currently training to run his first Ironman triathlon this fall and enjoys playing Catan or traveling with his girlfriend Callai in his free time.

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