Pres McKissack

CEO, Home and Style Properties and McKissack Business Systems

Location: Denton, Texas

The Mission For My Life Is...


Pres McKissack is an Entreprenuer, Investor and Teacher. His mission is to empower others through his teaching, coaching and business so they can live a life full of passion and purpose. 

Pres graduated from Baylor University where he studied professional sales. During his time at Baylor he attended Quantum Leap lead by Gary Keller where he began his own journey of personal development. After graduation he spent time in Ausin, Texas at Keller Williams Realty International where he continued to study and learn the science of success that has made Keller Williams and Gary Keller who they are today. 

Today, Pres runs McKissack Business Systems, a $4,000,000 business that was started by his family. Pres is also the Co-Owner of the real estate team, Home and Style Properties with his wife, Anna.