Kendall Butler

Chesapeake, Virginia


The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission in life, as well as my career, is to be able to empower and uplift everyone I may cross paths with....even something as simple as a smile. We all have our very unique journey's in life, and some have had more hurdles than others. With this realization, it gives me such fulfillment to see someone's eyes light up from learning something that they feel will change their whole world!! We are all put here for a reason, and I believe that it is to be a blessing to the next person. I am thankful that I have been able to share my experiences, both high and low, as an inspiration and encouragement to never give up!!


Hello, my name is Kendall Butler, although I have creatively renamed myself to the "Pink Peacock". She is my alter ego, and when I embue the essence of the Pink Peacock, I feel free....all the limits have been removed from me (primarily those of my mind).

Born and raised in Greenville, SC, I Honorably served 14 years in the U.S. Navy. I have since then worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the great state of Texas. During my tenure, I was able to assist disabled individuals on their journey to achieving their longterm employment goals. I then transitioned into my career as a Realtor, which I have been on this amazing journey since April 2019, in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The decision to walk away from a "stable State job", to ultimately pursue what I always had a passion for, was the best decision that I ever made....not only myself, but my family and ultimately my community. 

I am thankful for every step along my very unique path. Every single chapter brought about challenges and rewards that set the stage for my destiny. Thank God I learned to listen to my heart!!

I am incredibly excited and thrilled to meet each and every person that this chapter will bring me!! Thank you for allowing me to share this time with you. I look forward to what we are able to learn from each other.