Letrissa Frieson

Peachtree City, Georgia


Phone: 678.774.9376

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The Mission For My Life Is...

Our Mission is to transform OUR humanity through restoring our youth through  education, inspiring, & mobilizing outreach to them through our global community. Our Goal is to raise their voices , heal their deficiencies, and restore their dreams!


I am a first generation Entrepreneur! I came from a beautiful family of blue collar workers who wanted me to go to college and get a good “job”. For a long time after becoming a licensed Realtor, they told me to get a “Real” job! HAHA! Well, Thank Goodness I was hard-headed and rambunctious! HAHA! I Specialize in selling residential, commercial, and investment real estate. We Serve Residential Home Owners that are either buying or selling, Veterans, Active and Public Workers, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Empty Nesters, Relocating Families, Atlanta’s Fitness Community, Atlanta’s Originals Moving Within The City and ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE!II am a  native Georgia Peach!

I attended Georgia State University and Clayton State University, where I received success in Political Science and Paralegal Studies.I am very passionate about the youth in every community  that I serve because they become the COMMUNITY! I am a big believer in leaving every soul better than I found it!.

 When I am NOT Coaching, Training and Inspiring- You can surely find me listing & selling homes, and being a student of Real Estate! 

I share My Big Life with my Fiance', my darling bonus daughter, my parents, my nieces, my brothers, My French Bulldog-Governor Braxton, My Crossfit Family, and My Horses!