Sean Tjia


Phone: (416) 572-1016

Location: Toronto, Ontario

The Mission For My Life Is...

    The Mission for My Life is to help Create Meaningful Connections between People and Themselves, through Speaking and Training, Coaching and Mentoring.
    That if you know my story, and I know your story, we're more likely to help each other out!
    And Together, We Can Do More!
    With this Purpose, I have two Primary Missions:
    1) To assist in any way possible, someone's challenge and struggle, through anything that I know and understand.
    2) To assist people sense and discover, their unique talents and abilities, empower them, and assist them to imagine a better tomorrow.


At the moment, I don't have words to share of myself.
I do, however, have the words others' have shared about me.

Brian R.:
 "In the very limited amount of time we spent together, one thing stood out most to me:
Your extreme choice to, and ability to, focus on loving, understanding and benefiting the person in front of you."

Lynn O.: "I see you as calm and deep.
Are you a scuba diver? I am and I would compare getting to know you to a thermal-cline in the ocean. When I first encounter the sea it all looks the same, on the surface you blend in like the ocean. Once I begin the dive and get to know you it's more of the same for a little while, but once I'm further in and knowing you better something amazing happens. At a certain depth, I cross the thermal cline, the temperature changes to something more vivid, and the water becomes bright clear and very very deep. In this sort of cool depth you can I can see just how vast and deep the sea really is.
And lets not leave out your deep caring for those around you."