Bethany Grubbs


Phone: (601) 941-5554

Location: Denham Springs, Louisiana

The Mission For My Life Is...

Be better than I was yesterday!


I was born and raised in MS with a very normal childhood. Played softball and basketball for many years. Started working at 16 at local pharmacy store. Graduated high school with honors and wanted to go to school to be pharmacist. My first year of college got me with having to take 2 sciences every semester. I quickly changed my mind and decided I wanted to go to work so I quit school and got a great paying full time job. After about 6 years I thought I wanted to go to Nursing School so I enrolled for night classes. I was just about to finish my pre-req and I got pregnant. I then decided I couldn't quit work to go to school so continued to work full time. When my son was 3 my husband was offered a job transfer to that state of LA. We sold our house and packed up and moved here. We had no family or friends here so I knew I wasn't going to work right away. I stayed home for the next 12 years. I worked odd and end jobs while he was in school to keep busy. In 2018 we bought some land and decided to build a house. I designed the house and picked out everything with the house and met with all the contractors. When we finished the house building my husband encourgaged me to go into Real Estate. Not really knowing what this entails I signed up for the online classes and finished it in 45 days and passes the test on the first attempt. I didn't really get involved for 6 months (I didn't know where to start) but once I did I haven't slowed down. My first year I closed 11 transactions and we are 1/2 throught my 2nd year and I've already closed 14. If I can do this, you can too!