Nicole Serra-Gonzalez


Phone: 732-945-5253

Location: Morganville, New Jersey

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The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission for my life is to teach and nurture. I love to learn new things, and I love to share what I learn.  Some of my favorite things are singing, dancing, reading, writing, arts and crafts, puppetry and investing.  I love to learn how to create wealth, because it allows me a future where I can do everything else I love.  What wealth really offers is freedom. Freedom allows you to do the fun things you lov, travel, meet people all over the world.  I love to live and often I find myself teaching others how to do the same.  I can't understand why most people live the life of average or worse, less then average.  Life is full of abundance and I want to teach the world that anyone can have abundance.  And I don't just mean money.  People should go on adventures, make friends and have fun in life.


I am a NJ/NY realtor for 3 years.  I am also a middle school teacher and I love it.  I have training in marketing, real estate investing and networking.