Justin Myers

Director of Lead Generation, REALTOR

Phone: (865) 730-0773

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

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The Mission For My Life Is...

to create an environment that allows those around me to be accepted and truly express themselves as they would like to be seen by growing into a person who is always authentic.


East Tennessee and Tampa Bay are both great places to live and work, which is why Justin chooses to call them home. With roots in Florida, Justin came to Knoxville for the first time in 2000 and has divided his time between there and Tampa for the last 19 years. Beginning as a mortgage broker in 2005, Justin weathered the Great Recession and had the opportunity to diversify into Property Management. He then founded a transaction coordination company, cementing a core conviction that white-glove concierge service is the most important element in client satisfaction. Originally a Great Books Major at Notre Dame, Justin has carried his love for education and self-examination into exploring every “behind-the-scenes” facet of real estate from starting a boutique guerilla marketing firm, to producing a radio show, and even project managing construction jobs and storm mitigation. He found he didn’t enjoy adversarial, zero-sum sales where salesmen profited at the expense of their “clients” because of an information advantage. Real estate is a passion because it’s an industry where servant-leadership can truly be married with aggressive innovation and competition. Justin is simply passionate about consulting with families, clarifying their values, and helping them find their best home. Justin’s core philosophy is that “Everyone Deserves a Home,” which is why Heart Strong sponsors First-Time Home Buyer Education and support efforts to support affordable housing and end homelessness in our communities. Justin has volunteered with Grace Point Homeless Outreach & Love, Inc. for several years and loves being involved in the community events in Knoxville, Tampa, and St Pete. An aspiring yogi, Justin practices at Renegade Yoga Center in Knoxville, The Studieuax in St Pete, and Lucky Cat & Sattva in Tampa. When he isn’t working with families or volunteering, you’ll often find him running the Riverwalk with Running for Brews, visiting the Farmer’s Market for a Morning Glory Muffin in Market Square and soaking up the sun at Treasure Island.