Anita Anthony, Designated Managing Broker

Designated Managing Broker, Illinois Licensed Pre-License Instructor

Phone: 618-670-7344

Location: Edwardsville, Illinois

The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to help break the generational family curse, help others understand the importance of generational wealth and ease the suffering of financial burdens on families by teaching and mentoring.


There’s a reason that first-time home-buyers love Anita Anthony: it’s her sincere commitment to doing what is best for her clients. 

The daughter of an East St. Louis police officer, Anita learned her work ethic from her father, a man who spent his off-duty hours working side jobs so that he could send his children to Catholic school. Her time with The Blasingame Group, Anita employed her own version of “to protect and to serve” as an agent specialist for first-time home-buyers. 

“I support them like they’re my children,” Anita says. “I know what they want, and I don’t let them settle.” 

She smiles as she recalls the countless times she’s been able to help guide customers to a new home that meets their lifestyle needs, but also their budget. “Just because a lender says that the buyers are qualified for a $1500 monthly mortgage payment, doesn’t mean that’s what they should spend,” she says. In some instances, Anita has had to explain to new buyers how a mortgage payment for a particular property would stretch their financial resources. 

“Are you not going to eat out any more? Are you going to stop buying clothes? What are you going to give up?” Anita asked one couple. “We always find the right house. And I’ve had the buyers’ parents call me up and thank me,” she smiles. 

Creative and relentless in her search to please her clients, both home buyers and home sellers, Anita finds solutions where other agents don’t. She honed her problem-solving and managerial skills over 16 years as the supervisor of distribution operations at the downtown headquarters of St. Louis Post Office. She’s had a job since she was 15, working as a bus girl at Miss Hullings Open Hearth restaurant in St. Louis and later at a local McDonald’s where she worked a 4:00PM to midnight shift every day while going to school. She also earned the opportunity to work the grill, a responsibility that was traditionally given to males. 

Anita loves her work. And she refuses to compromise when it comes to finding the right home. 

“That’s my joy,” Anita says. “Knowing that that client loves that house.” 

Anita is a married mother of four and grandmother of seven. When she’s not helping first-time home-buyers, she’s likely to be found in her home office…working and watching NCIS or Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.