Glenn McQueenie

Operating Principal Kw Referred Urban Realty and KW Referred Realty, Toronto,Ontario


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Location: Toronto, Ontario

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To help people align their natural abilities and strenths,  to a market they would love to work and serve. You asre perfect the way you are, so lets stay in your strengths, and forget about your weaknesses.


CEO and Founder of Keller Williams Referred Realty and Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty in Toronto.CEO and Founder of Referred Advance Inc and Touch 33 Marketing Limited.Author of " Double Your Income- The simple way for Real Estate Agents to make more money, in less time, working with clients they love!" . Author of " The McQueenie Method- Own your Market, Own your Niche"

Keller Williams University Faculty Instructor. Certified Recruit/Select, Train,Lead motivate Instructor(how to hire great talent for your organization and get them self managed to build you a really big business).Certified Quantum leap for Youth Instructor

 I was licensed as a full time Realtor in 1989, and started with a small independent company in Toronto, where I quickly rose to be their number #1 agent out of 300, in my third year. Joined Re/Max in 1992 and spent 12 great years there before opening the first Keller Williams in Southern Ontario, in 2004. At that time, Keller Williams Realty was the 8th largest brokerage in the U.S (23,000 agents) and has since grown to be the  #1 R.E Company in the world with 122,000 agents in 22 countries. In 2015 Keller Williams was recognized as the #1 Training company in the world for all industries.

Our brokerages now boast oveer $2,300,000,000 in sales, and  have grown to over 520  agents in four offices(  two in Toronto (which are are currently ranked in the top 1% of all brokerages on the Toronto Real Estate Board,  and also across Canada) and offices in  London and Windsor, 

 We are committed to "raising the bar" in Real Estate by creating a new generation of Realtors that are customer focussed, learning-based and committed to serving their amazing customers at a really high level. At KW, we believe in a Career worth having, a Business worth owning and a Life worth living.

I am excited to bring this new course  "Quantum Leap for Youth" to our next generation. The goal of this course is to inspire big thinking, model wealth building, align youth with their goals, and instill a passion for generous giving in our youth. By introducing these concepts while they are exiting/entering College, University or the Work Force, we can prepare them to live a life of intention and equip them with tools and great models to follow.


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