Darren Campbell

Broker | Coach | Author

Phone: (253) 355-1023

Location: Federal Way, Washington

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The Mission For My Life Is...

Helping others to Live A Great Story!


I am blessed to be working with the finest and most knowledgeable real estate professionals who are simply put; just great people.
We all know what it looks like when people are passionate about something. It could be ice cream or fashion or whales, the “what” doesn’t matter — the passion behind it does. The energy found in a passionate person and the way they impact the world leaves us all changed, sometimes in ways we don’t even realize at the time. It sits as a temporary moment and in a flash, it is gone. Later, we remember that moment and the feeling it stirred within us. We recall the way the person’s eyes lit up whenever they were vulnerable and honest with their passion and were willing to share it with us. We felt their excitement. We were drawn into their being. We tasted their power and allowed it to fill our hearts and souls.
Sometimes, without appreciating it at the time, our reality is changed… just because of their passions and how it impacts all of us.
A resident of NE Tacoma and the Browns Point area since 2004, I have been actively involved in the betterment of my community through service in the PTA as President of local units and of the All-City Tacoma Council along with statewide positions. I am also a member of MetroParks Active Lifestyle and Community Wellness Advisory Board. Our special little slice of Tacoma across the water is my play area, my kid's school and play area and our home for life.
My desire is to help others Live A Great Story.