Jon Kenyon

Team Owner/ Agent / Rainmaker

Phone: (603) 765-7774

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The Mission For My Life Is...

Running my real estate team at a high level frees up my time to focus my heart on my non-profit called ProsperUS. The mission here benefits young people aged 14-22. ProsperUS has two parts. To explore in-depth the career options that young people have within the military and in the skilled trades which are vastly unknown to this age group. Second, before taking flight on their career paths, we’ll ensure that they are well rounded in the areas of financial, mental, moral, and physical fitness. My gifts of leadership, vision, and awareness, will allow me to gather great people around me to carry out this mission. ProsperUS will eventually be nationwide, and the potential to inspire thousands of young lives is unlimited.


I’m a proud father of 3 kids. Both my sons became U.S. Marines and my daughter aspires to join the Armed Services as an officer after high school and college. I’m fortunate that my wife is not only my best friend, she’s also my business partner. I got into Real Estate in 2009 during the recession after 22 years as a master carpenter. During my journey at Keller Williams Realty, I’ve experienced tremendous growth as an individual from the coaching and culture there. KW has changed my life. For fun, I like to ride and collect Harley Davidson motorcycles. I like to hike, workout, create things with my hands, and work in my yard. I'm very close to my kids.