Larry Mellon Jr

Media, Pennsylvania


Phone: (484)4988788

The Mission For My Life Is...

To build a career that gives me the opportunity to help others, while allowing me to live a healthy, financially-free life with those most important to me.


I'm a go getter, a team player and an out of the box thinker. I am a diabetic and a firefighter, a realtor and family member. 

I began my real estate career with a firm and made no money, quit, and after 3 years of swimming in place found KW and ultimately discovered QL, shortly after. I love what I do and get to do what I love. Helping people discover what they are capable of and dig deep to find the goals and dreams they always had will forever be my journey. I love my dog and my fiance. My family is what truly matters. I have a resume of many jobs and successes, but it is unimportant to all that is listed above. I'm proud of all of my journey up to this point and am excited to continue it with all of you.