Julie Bateman


Phone: (919) 633-9580

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

The Mission For My Life Is...

To be the best 'me' I can be each and every day while encouraging others to know their worth and live their own best lives. 


Julie was born in Danbury, Ct. and lived in So. Burlington, Vt. for a few years before relocating to Raleigh, NC with her family at the age of 10.  From 1991 - 1998, Julie lived in Wilmington, NC where she attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW) for 4.5 of those years.  She left UNCW just shy of her degree completion (for various complicated reasons) and entered the workforce as a salesperson for a local radio broadcasting company (Cumulus Broadcasting).  She quickly became the top salesperson - mostly just by staying with the company and taking over accounts as other reps left - and had maxed out her market-share within a couple years.  She decided to move back to Raleigh where the market for her industry was much larger w/ much greater earning potential.  During her transition, Julie met her (now) husband, Andrew, who happened to live in Raleigh.  One thing led to another and in the year 1998, Julie had moved back to Raleigh, married Andrew, gotten pregnant and had their first child, Morgan.  At that point, it was decided that Andrew would be the primary breadwinner and Julie would stay home to care for Morgan.  Money was tight, so Julie ended up taking odd jobs that she could do from home to help support the family financially and still be there to care for and raise their daughter.  Fast forward to 2002 and their 2nd daughter, Alyssa, was born.  By then, Andrew has started his own landscaping and irrigation company and Julie was running the office end of the business from home, with the kids in tow.  While Julie was pregnant with Alyssa, they purchased their first home.  She actually went into labor as repairs were being negotiated and their Realtor completely violated their negotiating position and they ended up moving into their first home 'as is' - while it needed about $5000 in repairs, leaving them in a very tight financial position.  This was motivation enough for Julie to look into getting her real estate license - she figured if 'that lady' can do this so horribly and still make money, Julie would be able to kill it.  She got her license and her success was immediate, building a consistent business, closing 3-4 transactions a month her first year (starting her first month).  After 6 years with her first company, Julie was becoming frustrated with the lack of resources for growth they offered and with the lack of profitability she was experiencing Regardless of how hard she worked - she just never seemed to be able to break through the ceiling of a mid-level producing agent.  That's when she found Keller Williams.  KW showed Julie how to take the same amount of transactions she was doing w/ her last company, do it in 1/2 the time and make twice the money...all through systems and leverage.  KW also helped Julie work through the 'burn out' that she was experiencing after busting her tail for so long only to tread water, rather than make progress - getting beat up along the way financially and emotionally by her company and her clients.  She came to KW feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and having lost what mattered to her most - time with her children and family.  The awesome supportive staff and co-workers w/ KW helped Julie to pinpoint not only where the issue originated (within herself), but how to take steps to correct it and ensure she never allowed herself to get back to 'that place' again - all the while staying focused on what mattered to her most - her 'Big Why' - her family.  Since beginning w/ KW Julie has completely re-created her business to look exactly like she wants it to look.  She is able to run a full-time, successful and profitable business and still be home every day after school with her kids, spend most of the weekend with family and friends and take vacations pretty much any time.  Julie also has recently gone back to school (online) and completed the degree she never finished and is in the contract phase of fulfilling her lifetime dream of owning a beach home.  The mindset shift to fully understand and believe that she could do anything she sets her mind to - without limitations and regardless of the 'box' that others try to impose has truly made all the difference.