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QL for High School Session Details

Audience: Ages 15-18
October 12, 2019 8:30am-5:30pm
Keller Williams Waterford
12301 Lake Underhill Road Suite 111
Orlando, FL 32828

About the Instructors

Joselyne moved to US from Rwanda ( Africa) when she was 20 Years old and the plan was to attend college and go back home. She decided to work while going to college which is where she met her husband Robert  and got married 2 years later. Her  father in law thought she would...

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Lizette Hernández is a successful Realtor in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida.  She is a wife of a 9/11 war vet and a mother of six children.  She was born in 1982  in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved from there when she was only seven years old.  Her parents moved...

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