Jenny McBride

Evansville, Indiana

Operating Principal/Real Estate Agent

The Mission For My Life Is...

Empowering Others to Unleash Their Ultimate Potential


I was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, where I developed a competitive spirit and a passion for working hard. I played on 2-3 soccer teams every year growing up, and in high school, I added a part-time job and was elected Senior Class President to the mix.

After graduating high school, I enrolled in cosmetology school and worked as a hairdresser. I then went on to earn an Associate of Science degree from Vincennes University. After graduating, I decided to get my real estate license.

I co-founded a real estate company in my hometown of Evansville with a commitment to hard work and determination. Our company quickly gained prominence and grew into a major player in the local real estate market. Through leadership and visionary strategies, we transformed our business into a thriving enterprise that has played a significant role in the local real estate market.

In addition to my role as a successful entrepreneur, I continue to operate a high-performing real estate sales team. My team has flourished under my guidance and mentorship, achieving remarkable success and consistently exceeding targets. I do this by inspiring and motivating my team members, making me not just a boss but also a respected leader they look up to.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I am a wife and mother of two adult children. My family has been an essential part of my life, providing me with the support and inspiration needed to thrive in my career.

I also have two loyal canine companions, Ivan and Sage, who bring joy to my household. They have become an integral part of my family and frequently accompany us on our outdoor adventures.

I have a deep passion for the great outdoors, and I enjoy camping in our RV and exploring the beauty of nature firsthand. Hiking is another cherished activity that allows me to connect with nature and unwind from the demands of my professional life.

In addition to my love for the outdoors, I actively support veteran organizations. I dedicate my time and resources to contribute to veterans' well-being and support, aiming to positively impact their lives.

I am grateful for the many blessings in my life and excited to see what the future holds. I am determined to continue growing my business, supporting my family, and positively impacting the world.