Joel Fisher

Austin, Texas

Community Outreach Manager

Phone: (512) 731-1403

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The Mission For My Life Is...

being a leader worth following; and through my example to inspire others to live a life of growth, inclusion, kindness, love and authenticity."


I was born and raised in Dallas & East Texas (just outside of Tyler). Throughout my younger career, I developed a keen interest in political campaigns and working with others. After graduating from high school, I dove right into the wide world of politics by working for the Texas Governor and the House of Representatives as well as a political consulting company based in DFW.

I continued my journey of growth by joining Keller Williams Realty in 2013. Over the past 8+ years, I have focused on helping agents grow bigger and more profitable businesses that emphasize and epitomize the values of honesty, integrity and perseverance, as well as incorporating non-profit work into the real estate business at a higher level.

During my free time, you'll find me living an active lifestyle and giving back to the community.
I play tennis competitively, volunteer with my fav non-profits, camp / hike and love spending time with my dog, Serena!