J. Wayne Daniel

Team Leader

Email: waynedaniel@kw.com

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

The Mission For My Life Is...

I have a desire to help students have the best chance in this life to do bigger things. Some kids my never have someone tell them how great they really can be and I want to be that person. Others have been told and need to channel that passion towards somthing positive. We will never know who is next until we take action to help them know they are next. 


When I came out of High School I spent 7 years as a Police officer in Hampton Va. It was an honor to serve in that community. My Dad and I took over book stores in the Hampton Roads area and we both put our life savings in. The crash happend and we both lost everything. Combined it was close to 1.5 Million in money and assests. It was the worse day of our life but the best day for us both as we look back. It has us where we are today. I have had a great career in Real Estate and today I have been give the opertuntiy to be CEO of Keller Williams Realty Roanoke. When we fail, fail quick and fail forward. BE DO HAVE!

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