Derrick Chan



Phone: (416) 843-6417

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To Serve God and make Him proud.

What drives me in my life is to feel and receive the love and approval of my family and friends.

Because when I have that, it means that I am taking cares of His children, which makes God proud. When I feel that I am making Him proud, then that will make me happy and feel fulfilled.


As the son of a Realtor, it would seem that Derrick was destined to be a realty agent from a young age.  As a child, he would help install for sale signs, open house signs, and hang lockboxes. He would even sleep in the car with his siblings while his mom was negotiating a late night offer. Don’t worry, dad was the driver so they were never alone!
If you meet Derrick you will see quite quickly that he loves engaging with people, which is why Real Estate is a natural fit.  His love of socializing accompanied with his love for helping people is what compels him to excel in this industry.

After more than a decade as a realtor, Derrick is still eager to learn more to help his clients. He constantly strives to provide the highest excellence in all aspects of the real estate experience.

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