Oglah Gatamah

Kissimmee, Florida

Operating Principal

Instructor Website

The Mission For My Life Is...

To build and equip a community of global givers through Inspiration and Action! 



I grew up in an environment where the focus of the conversation was on our limitations. Never what we could achieve but all the reasons we could not. It wasn’t intended to be malicious, it was just the culture. I never knew that  the way people describe you would become a prison until it did. And I’m lucky to have learnt that at such an early age. I knew God had a purpose for me that was not tied to one environment or role. 

People ask me, When did you decide not to be limited? When did you know you were capable to do more? I don’t know when. I just knew what I didn’t want to be. I wanted my story and purpose in life to be so much more bigger. It was all envisioned in my brain, supported by lots of prayer and a relentless work ethic that I still apply today.


I have lived in 3 continents and visited over 50 cities worldwide. My quest to help others maximize their true potential has helped me connect with the most generous global givers in several continents. A group of Limitless idividuals that fearlessly go out of their way to change the lives of so many people globally. I am a passionate philanthropist who enjoys giving back to those in need and championing women and children causes globally. I have spearheaded projects in the United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Malawi, Madagascar, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico. I supports the building and continued development of churches and schools in my village of origin in Kenya. 

Prior to real estate, I was a performance-focused executive in the hotel and retail industries, with over 20 years experience in start-up, turn-around and mature business growth in Africa, Europe and USA.