Melissa Rhoads

Team Leader


Phone: (616) 328-7571

Location: Grandville, Michigan

The Mission For My Life Is...


Melissa grew up in the small town of Midland, Michigan. She has always had the ambition of social contact. People bring out her joy, whether it was coming from within or her ability to bring joy in out in others. Electrifying joy, addicted to helping people in need. Her passion led to studying nursing in college.  College was a great gift because it brought to the light that the health care industry was not the right fit. Melissa left nursing school, and on New Years day 2015 Melissa made a new years resolution that would change her life forever. She made the leap to study to get her Arizona Real Estate License. Melissa Joined Keller Williams in the Fall of 2015 and immediately enrolled in a class called BOLD. The 8 months following the course, she sold $1.7 million dollars in volume. She took her money and all her belongings and packed up and headed for Nashville, Tennessee. Melissa joined a top producing team and picked up where she left off, selling $10 million in sales volume in 6 months. Keller Williams offered opportunity beyond helping consumers buying and selling homes, Keller WIlliams is invested in agents and wealth building. Melissa pursued passion in coaching and helping others develop their real estate business. Melissa accepted a position to be the CEO in Grand Rapids Michigan. Now her number one focus is on training, coaching and hiring talent for her Keller Williams location.

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