Jason Levinson

Email: Jason@LGHomesPueblo.com

Phone: 719-248-3888

Location: Pueblo, Colorado

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The Mission For My Life Is...


I have lived in Colorado my entire life, but more specifically the small town of Pueblo, Colorado. I was never a very studious person and somehow graduated high school. At the time I played Trumpet and intended to play professionally, but like Gary, I didn’t have enough drive at that time to get me to that level. I did a year and a half of music classes and took a business class or two and finally decided I was just wasting money, so I dropped out of college. I went and got jobs serving which I had been doing through high school and college, and continued to serve and bartend for a year. I finally decided I needed to decide on a career and I knew a few people in the real estate business. I made a phone call, got enrolled in classes, and got my Real Estate license. My first year I did pretty good and almost got rookie of the year. My second year I almost doubled my business, but I had no purpose or reason for what I was doing. I was missing my One Thing... Through different Keller Williams classes and asking some hard questions to myself, I realized I have a passion for teaching, coaching and building a team. I now run a real estate team called The Levinson Group and we have a goal to sell 1000 units in 2022. The mission for my life is to build the knowledge and wealth of others by exploring their One Thing and inspiring them to live a life worth living.  

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