Jake Dreyfuss

CEO of PhillyLiving Real Estate Team

Email: jake@phillyliving.com

Phone: (215) 896-0119

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The Mission For My Life Is...


Since starting his career in real estate in 2003, Jake has enjoyed working with customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Florida & Ohio. Over the years he played an active role in Sales & Marketing and in recent years transitioned into Operations and Leadership roles. Currently, Jake serves as CEO for the PhillyLiving team and is proud to have earned recognition as one of the top teams in the Keller Williams Realty family. His passions involve working with and meeting extraordinary individuals. As such, Jake worked as a MAPS business coach, has launched the "5AMERS" accountability and achievement group, founded The Active Networking group and is currently teaching and coaching "The Process"; a workshop that helps leaders undersand how to quantify the impact of their decisions on 4 major aspects of their businesses. Outside of work you will find Jake spending quality time with his wife and two daughters, riding his road bike and eating ice cream!

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