Berta Monteiro

Sales Representative


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

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The Mission For My Life Is...

I continue to be passionate about helping others to achieve their full potential, whether it be encouraging my assistant to think bigger, or by wanting to hire a team of individuals whos lives will be changed by knowing how to build a successful business for themselves.  This year my goal is to hold 2 QL events geared towards the high school level teens.  I hope to share the knowledge and tools the program offers to help them change their mindset and and not set limitations for themselves.  The teen years are critical in forming the development of ones habits and psycological well being so what better group to aspire to help.   I've always been someone, from a very young age, who has stood by my friends and family and supported their ideas, and dreams, and lifted them up to believe they could achieve more than they felt they could.  Being a QL instructor will enable me to inspire youth to not put any limitations on what they can do and hopefully lose the fear that is holding them back from living a happy and fulfilled life now and in the future.  


I am proud to say that I have been loving every minute of my 16 + year career in real estate. I started out with Royal Lepage back in 2002, straight out of working for two major athletic wear brands, adidas and Fila, and having run my own fashion business for a few years before that.  I realized after re-entering the coporate environment and working for someone else, how much I missed running my own business.   Real estate looked to be a career in which I could wear my entrepreneural hat and have the flexibility and freedom I desired.  Despite the odd bump in the road and challenging moments, I feel quite priviledged to have a career in which I am entrusted to assist individuals and families with their biggest financial decision.  I feel that I have a responsibility to ensure my clients make the best decision when it comes to buying or selling their largest asset.  I joined Keller Williams just over 2 years ago for one simple reason, I wanted to grow and improve my skills as a buisness person.  I had no systems, no structure and realized that in order to have balance in my life and avoid burn out I needed to improve and learn.  Sinc then I have hired an assistant, and that in itself has freed up valuable time in my day to dedicate to myself and my other interests.  This year the focus is to further leverage my time by bringing on talented people to help grow my business, and in turn help them achieve their own professional goals.  This will allow me to offer my past and future clients more personalized service and allow me to focus on what I love most, which is assisting clients in building their real estate wealth.

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