Rob Foglia

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To live my life with Harmony between being a Dad, Husband, Musician, Investor, and Realtor. My goal is to show my daughter that she can be and do anything that she desires to be and do in her life. I know that to show her this, I must do it myself. 


I'm a Husbamd, Dad, Musician, Investor, and Realtor. My goal is to raise my daughter with the conviction that she has the strength, smarts, and ability to be anything she wants to be in her life and to pursue her dreams and ambitions. This means I must pursue my dreams and ambitions, for our children see what we do more than they hear what we say. 

A dream I have alwasy had is to create music and share that music with the world. So, since my daughter was born in January 2021 I have set out to achieve that dream. This is an addition to selling real estate and motivating others to live a life true to their authentic self. This is my life by design.