Hallie Armstrong


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Email: Armstrongcohallie@gmail.com

Phone: (620) 899-0646

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Website: http://armstrongco.rocks/


I am a Midwest Kansan. My husband & I own a dirt work company, Armstrong Dirt Work LLC. He specializes in one thing, ponds. I am owner of a real estate team, Armstrong & Co in Wichita KS.  We specialize in recreational and residential properties.  I am in business with my oldest daughter Kate Caselton, who has grown up in real estate since the age of 13 or was it 14...? She is also a QL instructor.  

Since my children have been little I have always told them to make good choices, literally.  I would holler at the top of my lungs out the door as they loaded the bus, "Make good choices!"  As they got older, they didn't think it was as "cool".  We are a family that lives the material we will share with you in QL. 

Real Estate Accomplishments:  ALC Member, Million Dollar Month, Capper, Regularly Monthly Top Team, 2017 Ranked # 2 Team Closed Units & #3 Team Closed GCI.

I have failed forward more than most and continue as it seems to be a sport for me. We are a wild and crazy family due to our way of life.  We live simple. We love to shoot guns, float in ponds, go to the lake and enjoy bon fires every night the wind will allow.  I love life and embrace every opportunity I can.  You will love having me as your QL instructor! 


If you don't like your situation then change it. 

Good people bring out the good in people. 

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Set goals so big they laugh.  Crush them while they watch.  

Whatever you are, be a good one. 

Make good choices!!!


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