Edith Espinola

Realtor, Coach and Transformational Leader

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Location: Los Gatos, California

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The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission is to aide in the empowerment of others to live their lives into the fullness and beauty of their highest self. I support them so they may stand with confidence in their abilities to make choices as they navigate their way into experiencing their best life possible.

I do this by holding space for transformation to occur through teaching, speaking, mentoring and coaching. I share the wisdom I’ve earned so that others may move forward with confidence, excitement and joy.

I'm honored to share these life changing principles with young adults who have their whole life ahead of them. What an amazing opportunity to create a beautiful life on purpose!



Edith Espinola of the Espinola Real Estate Team has successfully helped her clients with their Real Estate transactions for almost 20 years in Silicon Valley, California. In addition to being an award winning Realtor, she is also a Transformational Leader and Coach, Speaker, Trainer and a Certified Instructor for "QL For Young Adults AKA QL: A World-Changer Mindset“. Her classes and workshops always include Mindset, Business Creation and Manifestation. Her passion is to empower others to see their beauty as a person and potential for greatness, also to encourage them to live their life as fully as possible.

"I'm honored and excited to have this opportunity to share wisdom and the tools of this workshop with our future leaders, at a most crucial point in their lives. The ages of 18-24 are when big decisions about life are being made. This generation will most definitely change the world, and I intend to help them make it a better place for all." ~ Edith Espinola