Carin Nguyen


Phone: (623) 223-1660

Location: Tempe, Arizona

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To transform the lives of great-hearted people by fostering mental, emotional and economic wealth so that they create the most incredible legacies possible.



As a wife and mom who has raised 4 children while building her business over the last 13 years, Carin knows the challenges of growing a successful business and maintaining a happy & healthy personal life. She grew her business through the downturn selling 896 homes in her best year earning her the #2 ranking in the US by Real Trends. She has owned a RE brokerage, sold over 3000 homes and currently co-leads one of the top teams in the US with her husband Son. She also privately coaches individual agents as well as those running small and large real estate and mortgage teams. Her mission is to transform lives by helping entrepreneurs build wealth so they can live in abundance and leave incredible legacies.

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