Kimberly Boales


Location: Southlake, Texas


The Mission For My Life Is...


Kimberly Boales is passionate about serving others through teaching and loves learning.

Originally from Kansas, Kimberly moved to Texas in 2004 to be introduced to the world of education, and spent 9 years teaching history and inspiring in others a love of learning and an appreciation of our country's rich past.  After getting her Masters Degree in Education and previously attaining a degree in business and marketing she set out to discover a way to bring those worlds together.

She describes being introduced to Keller Williams in 2013 as a defining moment in her life.  A moment when she realized she could teach and serve families in their pursuit of home ownership.  Never did she imagine that she would eventually have the opportuity to help her past students buy their very first homes where memories would be made and family roots would be established.  While growing and developing within the KW Family she realzed that her life and her opportunities could be bigger and brighter than she ever imagined.  She began asking herself "How can I make a difference in the world?"

Shortly after beginning to ask this question Keller Williams Kids Can presented the QL: A World-Changer Mindset.  These two seemingly opposing paths, teaching and real estate, suddenly converged for her.  Keller Williams as a training organization focused on giving back, would be the platform through which she could achieve her dream of giving back to her past students and continuing to help them develop as people and leaders of our future. 

She feels blessed to have the opportunity to make an impact that creates a ripple that eventually makes a difference in the lives of others.

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