Ronna Beecher


Location: Shreveport, Louisiana

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The Mission For My Life Is...


Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, Ronna learned at the age of seven that you can accomplish whatever you are determined to accomplish.  Greatly influenced and encouraged by her second grade teacher, her life changed in a moment.  She went from being a below average student to a honor roll student because someone really believed in her. From then on, Ronna knew it was up to herself to be successful and that she could do it.  Ronna married at the age of 18, raised two sons along with her husband and graduated from college at the age of 32.  After two careers with large, corporate companies, she obtained her real estate license in 2001.  Originally, the plan was to use her license to flip houses, however, she realized what a great opportunity this would be to help others.  For the past 15 years, helping others through real estate has been her passion.  Helping others to learn and grow has always been a huge part of her big why.  One of the main things that attracted Ronna to Keller Williams in 2007 were the opportunities this amazing company offers to anyone to help achieve their dreams.  The WI4C2TS say it all. Through, QL: A World Changer Mindset, the privilege of helping others discover how to lead a life of intention, follow models and use tools to help them achieve their dreams and goals is life-changing to everyone involved!

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