Jennifer Arsenault

Team Leader


Phone: 405-948-7500

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To perform so that others are inspired to be the change they seek. 


Jennifer has always been passionate about mission work and leading others.  In 1991 she started the first Bible Group, Youth Alive, at her middle school in spite of political concerns from her schools administration.  She continued with the organized group in high school dreaming of becoming a missionary, school teacher, politician or an attorney.  There were always lot's of dreams. 

Jennifer worked in Property Management for 9 years, managing over 5,000 units and working with over 300 investors.  She joined Keller Williams in March of 2007 to forge her own way in the Real Estate Industry and was a successful agent earning a six figure income. She often shares she didn't see the downturn coming in the real estate market and that her timing as a new sales associate taught her to swim strong and thrive!

Today, she is the Team Leader and Broker in Charge for the most productive & profitable real estate firm in Oklahoma under the leadership of Mo Anderson and Sherry Lewis.  As the Corporation Vice President of the Keller Williams Realty Elite Office and Branch Offices, she is able to be the "missionary", "teacher", "poitician" and "attorney". Dreams do come true!

Keller Williams Realty has been incredibly instrumental for the success in Jennifer's career along with her faith in our Creator.  She has a precious family with two sons, sisters, nephews, parents, friends and 300+ Associates who all enrich her life tremendously! 

Overcoming major obstacles with her upbringing has given her deep empathy for young people and their abilities to determine their own path.  There were many years when she too waivered to find her own path with broken relationships, surrounded by co-dependency, drug abuse and people who were victims of their own circumstance. 

Jennifer is now serving her community in many capacities as a volunteer with a school for homeless children, as a member of the Board of Directors for the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Associates of REALTORS, and as a Proverbs 31 Woman.

"I am so grateful to be a light to those who are searching for more in their future.  I have always dreamed of being a missionary and have found growing where you're planted is the most rewarding mission work of all. Indeed, I am a very wealthy woman with love." --Jennifer Arsenault

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