Melanie Colley

Broker. RealtorĀ®, MRP

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Phone: (704) 775-9926

Location: Mooresville, North Carolina


The Mission For My Life Is...


I have a passion for helping others and believe that when you catch that passion a richer life comes back to you.  

I spent 30 years in the medical field which gave me the opportunity to study every aspect of being human.  During that time period I had a victim mentality but got sick and tired of being sick and tired and started my own journey of self discovery and learning how to live a life that I designed rather than living a life that others designed for me.

I am an author of a self help book, The 7 Minute Mirror, Reflection, Revison, Results, and am writing the next in the series. I am a Realtor® and a Rain Maker!

I believe that YOU have what it takes already inside to be the very best version of You and that NOW is the time to take life by the tail and make it yours.

I am now a Realtor®, proving that we all can recreate ourselves over and over until we get it right.  So when is NOW a great time to get started on the rest of your life?

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