Sally Ponchak

Broker Of Record


Phone: (201) 981-8934

Location: Ridgewood, New Jersey


Graduated college with a degree in Teaching with a major in Spanish.  I remember the feelings of uncertainty I had as I was stepping from college life into the adult world. 

Taught Spanish for 7 years then took a break for 6 years to raise our two sons

Taught Aerobics for the YMCA and then Nursery School at our Church.

1989 Got my Real EState License. and went to work for Coldwell Banker (No kw in Nj at the time)

2008 Read Gary Keller 's book - Shift - had never heard of Gary or KW but was super impressed with the book.

2011 The first kw opened in my area and I immediately joined as an agent. A year and a half later, I become the Team Leader and this year I transitioned to Broker of Record. 

I am very proud that our market center has grown to over 400 agents and we have been the #1 office in our MLS every year since 2013. 


I have always loved this quote from Henry Ford and often reminded my sons of it. "If you think you can, you're right. If you think you can't, you're right."

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