Jaime Wagg

General Manager

Email: jaimewagg@kw.com

Location: Toronto, Ontario

The Mission For My Life Is...

To inspire others in the pursuit of their own mission, creativity, and life's work. 


Jaime's love for teaching and growth started long ago when she opened her performing arts school and theatre company. Watching others succeed and inspiring them to reach their goals is what brings the greatest joy for Jaime.  Since 1990 Jaime has been connected to youth training and mentoring through volunteering and leading different groups in different areas of her life.

Working with Keller Williams, Jaime has had the opportunity to train and mentor staff and agents alike and she is passionate about coaching and bringing great talent to our agents, helping to expand their businesses through skill building and truly create a life worth living. 

As Jaime continues her training and mentoring journey with QL-KWKC her mission is to help inspire the next generation to develop their World Changer Mindset and is thrilled to be able to share such a wonderful program.

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