Rozalyn Franklin

Columbia, South Carolina

agent- DEI Chair

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The Mission For My Life Is...

Myr mission is to create a positive ripple in the world by teaching and nurturing the children of this world, guiding them to understand and strive for a better future. We believe that empowering the next generation will enable them to achieve goals beyond our own wildest dreams.

My vision is to have a lasting, positive impact on everyone I come in contact with, leaving them with a desire to strive for more and do better. I am deeply passionate about causes that benefit the youth, as I firmly believe that by uplifting our youth, we uplift the world.



I was born in the vibrant Bronx, New York, but my journey led me to make a life in Columbia, South Carolina, where I've had the privilege of living a remarkable and fulfilling life.

Love and commitment have been central themes in my life. My husband and I have shared 45 wonderful years together. We've raised two beautiful daughters and welcomed two fantastic son-in-laws into our family. The real treasures of our life are our three cherished grandchildren, who hold our hearts in their little hands.

My professional path has been equally rewarding. I dedicated 30 years to AT&T Telecommunications, serving in various customer sales and service positions. During that time, I also had the honor of representing my colleagues as a CWA union steward, where I negotiated on their behalf in matters related to grievances, contracts, and wages. My work as an advocate improved the lives of many employees within the organization.

After my extensive career with AT&T, I transitioned into the dynamic world of real estate. Over the past 22 years, I've become a seasoned professional in the field. I'm currently the owner of the RMF Realty Team, specializing in unique and often challenging real estate transactions. My areas of expertise include pre-foreclosures, short sales, divorce real estate, estate sales, and helping first-time homebuyers navigate their way into homeownership. My dedication to my clients and my ability to turn challenging situations into successful outcomes have allowed me to help hundreds of homeowners restart their lives.

My life's story is one of love, dedication, and service. From the bustling streets of New York to the heart of South Carolina, my journey has been defined by unwavering commitment, both in my personal life and in my professional pursuits, where I've had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals in finding their path to a brighter future.