Kay Patel

Valley Center, California

Director of Sales

The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission of my life is to help others believe that THEY CAN.  Coming from a background of being put down and told I can't over and over again, I want to provide an environment where I can help the youth of the world achieve the confidence that they can do anything that they put their mind to. 

My BIG WHY revolves around wanting to help others who have not had many opportunities in their life, who have fought for everything they have, and just need some guidance. I want to impact another life the way mine was. I believe coaching has taken me to levels and broadened my scope of what I thought was possible in my business and personal life.  I would love to help others, especially the youth, not only in reaching their goals, but expanding their goals farther than what they thought was even possible.  I was given an opportunity where someone finally believed in me and saw what I always thought was there within myself.  I would love to change a life the way mine was changed, building generational wealth, and a working for a life worth living.



Throughout my life I faced obstacles, just as many do, and the hardest moments I went through is what changed the trajectory of my life.  I was fortunate enough to face challenges in my life that helped me learn crucial lessons, allowing me to grow at an early age.  Facing these challenges not only helped me build my career, but has helped me build on myself to understand what I feel is my true purpose and passion.  Helping others achieve success and realize their full potential.

I had a huge interest in real estate and business at an early age, but was always told I wouldn't be able to handle it, that it was too hard for me, or I wouldn't be successful so why waste the time.  I spent years feeling sorry for myself, trying out multiple careers based on what others thought was best for me, and working dead end jobs that gave me no fulfilment and no room for growth.  After finally hitting rock bottom in 2010, having gone down a very dark path, I decided enough was enough.  This was not me and I am better than this.  I knew I needed a change, and change wasn't going to happen unless I beleived in myself.  Growth and success come from within.  If I didn't believe myself, why would anyone else? 

Fast forward 5 years, I got my Real Estate License in 2018 after helping my husband build his transportation business.  I joined Keller Williams in 2019 and joined as the first agent on a small team with a big dream in 2020, right before the pandemic.  We worked hard that first year to become the #1 team in the office and a top producing team throughout all of KW.  Within the team, I became the Lead Agent, helped grow the team from 1 agent to 10 agents, and eventually became the Director of Sales.  It has been the most fulfilling time in my life and has taught me so much.  I can't wait to see what the next 5 years bring!