Jeremy Scott

Amarillo, Texas

Instructor Website

The Mission For My Life Is...

My life's mission is to empower active military personnel and Veterans, guiding them towards a purposeful and successful existence. Together, we will build a bigger life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


I'm incredibly proud to be a Veteran of the US Army, serving in combat during the Gulf War as an M1A1 Armored Crewman. After my Army service, I continued to serve my country at the Pantex Plant, the nation's nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly site, within the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Administration.

My journey began as a member of the Protective Force, where I specialized in military and SWAT tactics as a Special Response Team operator. Throughout my career, I transitioned into Cyber Security, safeguarding the site's classified and unclassified networks in various capacities. After dedicating 19 years to the Pantex Plant, I ventured into the corporate realm of Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence.

For a decade, I immersed myself in threat intelligence analysis and research, eventually assuming the role of Director of Threat Research. While a corporate reorganization prompted a shift, it also provided the opportunity to follow my passion: serving our veteran community in the realm of Real Estate.

As a disabled Veteran, I carried a lack of awareness regarding the numerous available benefits and programs for an extended period. That's why I'm deeply passionate about giving back to fellow Veterans in everything I pursue. My personal mission is to ensure every Veteran is knowledgeable about the exceptional programs they are entitled to.