Joshua Clark

KENT, Washington

The Mission For My Life Is...

to help others live abundant lives.


Josh Clark, an enterprising and passionate entrepreneur, serves as the founder and CEO of a series of successful real estate companies. Guided by a compelling mission to create abundant lives through real estate, his businesses deliver valuable solutions for homeowners, real estate agents, and communities alike.

A Washington State University alumnus, Josh earned his degree in English, which laid the groundwork for his keen understanding of communication and negotiations in the complex world of real estate.

Outside of his professional life, Josh has a deep fondness for literature. Reading not only serves as a way to relax and broaden his horizons but also enriches his approach to business with diverse perspectives and innovative ideas. Above all, he cherishes the time he spends with his wife and daughters, finding in them his greatest motivation and source of joy.

Josh Clark's life encapsulates the essence of hard work, family values, and a persistent pursuit of growth—be it personal, professional, or in the lives of those he serves through his work in real estate.